Previous Macnas artist Dean Kelly modelling a Massive Heed of Boyzone singer Mikey Graham.
Picture from The Kenny Gallery.

Excerpt from the artist's biography: "Dean was commissioned to make numerous 'Massive Heads' (as they came to be known) continuing a Macnas tradition taken up from els Comediants, an influential Spanish group that had worked with Macnas before Dean's time there. He went on to design, model, cast, paint and fit out his large caricature fiberglass masks for the likes of Robbie Williams, Chris Evans, Boyzone & Tom Jones – all of whom delighted in his creations. However, Dean's first 15 minutes of fame was tempered by the fact that as he did not travel to meet the illustrious clients, and was instead often to be found modeling the next giant lump of clay into the small hours while performers from the company brought his works to life much further afield. His focus was always on the making of new work and less on the rock and roll. "


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