Previous The Massive Heeds of Irish writers and U2 messing about in boats near Dublin's O'Connell Bridge.
Picture from the Arcana (formerly MacTeo) website.

I believe this was the official launch of the Liffey Voyage tour service, Monday 26th September 2005.
Quote from the MacTeo website: "The "Spirit of Docklands", the new 50 seater craft commissioned by the DDDA, was introduced to the people of Dublin by a stunning performance from MacTeo. Taking to the water on a floating stage, the MacTeo performers escorted the boat as she made her way up the River Liffey to Batchelors Walk from the DDDA headquarters at the Custom House Dock. For a time it looked like the city was being invaded again by yet another wave of Vikings, as the MacTeo performers wielded their fearsome weapons, but, as the drummers beat out their energetic rhythms, and the more well-known "faces" of famous Dublin characters such as U2, writers James Joyce, Brendan Behan and Oscar Wilde accompanied the main floating stage in adjoining boats, it was clear that this was a far more benign invasion, and that these visitors came in peace – and in the spirit of fun! "


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