A Colourful Encounter For MogdredAndrew Buckley
Ac Velut In SomnisJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
A Day In GothEmily Evans (Emii)
Adventure Time IPaul McIntosh, Robert Nowlan, Ben Maydon (Pooka), Chris Griffin, James Clarke, Tim Morris, Jake Collins (Eyeshield)
Adventure Time IIJake Collins (Eyeshield)
Adventure Time IIIJake Collins (Eyeshield)
Adventure Time IVRoss Thompson (Granitas Is Cute)
Adventure Time VAndy Marshall (Dark Comet), Ricky Temple (Skarkill), Louise Brockhouse (Magic Miranda)
A Last ResortCarl Bateson
A Little Less Broken Every Time...Roz Pearson (Gretel)
Always Of The GreenGareth Weaving (Ark)
An Elvish RescueRoz Pearson (Gretel)
A Private ViewingRoz Pearson (Gretel)
A Real KnightmareGreg Baxter
A Real Life KnightmareNeil Jones
A Real Life Knightmare IINeil Jones
Are You There?Emily Evans (Emii)
Back To The KnightmareNeil Jones
BalanceMartin Odoni (HStorm)
BedtimeRoz Pearson (Gretel)
Blankety BlankDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
Breaking The RulesEmily Evans (Emii)
BullseyeDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
By The Grace Of GretelRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Caei's QuestCanadanne
Can This Really Be The End?Andrew Buckley
Christmas At Knightmare Castle(not credited)
Clash Of Two TeamsBen Maydon (Pooka)
Crystal The Cat DemonAmy Davies (shadow6162)
CSI: KnightmareDrassil
Dangers Of The DungeonJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
Dayknightmare: A Parody Of SortsMarauder-girl, Sparrow
Deadpan: Musings Of A Dungeon Master And An Elf    Pam Glennie
Deadpan: Musings Of A TreguardPam Glennie
Die Entführung Aus Dem SerailJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
Down Amongst The Dead MenMizzy
Dragon ClawRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Eastern PromiseRosey Collins
ElvesRoz Pearson (Gretel)
Eminence – The New ArrivalDave Stone (GRIMSTONEYOUTUBE)
Enter, LeaperDrassil
Enter, StrangerJA Baker
Everybody Has A PriceRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Female WarriorsRoz Pearson (Gretel)
Finders KeepersDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
For Dungeon And Dungeon MasterRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Fort BoyardDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
Fun HouseDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
Going For GoldDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
GraniJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
Greystagg's RevengeAmy Davies (shadow6162)
Hearts In BondageRoz Pearson (Gretel)
How To Train Your GreenwardenRoz Pearson (Gretel)
I, JuliusDrassil
In A Bit Of A PicklePam Glennie
Interactive Story #1Emily Evans (Emii), James Aukett (JamesA), Malefact, Grimaldine Grimwold, David Newton (Wong Chung Bang), Ben Maydon (Pooka), Steveir, Robert Brown (The White Floating Skull), Spoo, Laurie Marks (Thanatos), Velda, Tim Child (beveryafraid)
Interactive Story #2Emily Evans (Emii), Malefact, Ali Everett (Aldude), Billy Hicks (Billy), Grimaldine Grimwold, Pickle ^_^, Kawaii_Catgirl, Lord_Bob, Drassil, Ricky Temple (Skarkill), Raven
Interactive Story #3Emily Evans (Emii), Martin Odoni (HStorm), Andrew Kenny (Snowcat), Semtex Jack, Ricky Temple (Skarkill), Glenn Toogood (Fidjit), Visage, Robin Barlow (Mashibinbin)
Interactive Story #4Emily Evans (Emii), Rebecca Cook (Becxsmagic), Ricky Temple (Skarkill), Laurie Marks (Thanatos), Drassil, Billy Hicks (Billy), Daniel Wyatt (LordF), Robin Barlow (Mashibinbin), Turaga Nuju
In The Afterlife, Nobody Can Hear You ScreamAndrew Buckley
IsárionBen Maydon (Pooka)
It's Only A Game... Isn't It?Ganondorf8
Jake's QuestGreg Ford (Gregoravich)
KM Chat With The Knightmare Characters!Amy Davies (shadow6162)
Knightmare 2Moleland, Demonic Gophers, Shades of Gray, Belschaft, Gillfish
Knightmare ChallengedMoleland, Kohai, Demonic Gophers, Shades of Gray, Lapse, Wolfemastre, Gillfish, Belschaft
Knightmare – Dystopia Of FreedomBen Fieldhouse (Redthir)
Knightmare Meets Kingdom HeartsChris Heap
Knightmare: ResurrectionJames Aukett (JamesA)
Knightmare Sam's QuestSamuel Ryan
Knightmare's UndoingBen Maydon (Pooka)
Knightmare vs Ace AttorneyAmy Davies (shadow6162)
Knighty Knight MareBilly Hicks (Billy)
KullyEmily Evans (Emii)
Level 5Ben Maydon (Pooka)
Liam's QuestDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
Light At The Heart Of DarknessGareth Weaving (Ark), Lucy Scarisbrick-Wright (Sidriss Starshine)
Little And LargeRoz Pearson (Gretel)
Little Ogre AnnieRosey Collins
Living The KnightmareDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster)
Lord Fear's AdventureJake Collins (Eyeshield)
Lord Fear's Christmas CarolRosey Collins
Lord Fear's Christmas CarolMartin Odoni (HStorm)
Lord Fear's Death NoteAmy Davies (shadow6162)
Lord Fear's RevengeSean Mallion
Love WyrmsRosey Collins
MagicalRoz Pearson (Gretel)
Maybe MartaRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Mind GamesIan Down
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Show Her The Evil That Dwells Deep Inside    Ricky Temple (Skarkill)
Neil's Knightmare ScriptNeil Jones
Night Of The GoblinsRicky Temple (Skarkill), Louise Brockhouse (Magic Miranda)
One In The EyeJake Collins (Eyeshield)
Panty RaidRoz Pearson (Gretel)
Phase And Phase AgainLucy Scarisbrick-Wright (Sidriss Starshine)
Put A Bucket On Your Head And Quest!Henry Krinkle, Svein, m0r1arty, empathy-with-beast, ipse dixit, NiteFall, widowspider, Dodge
Return To Knightmare CastlePaul McIntosh
RobinBen Maydon (Pooka)
Scandinavian KnightmaresJón Þórsteinn Petúrsson / Jim Waterman (Ironlord)
Silence Strikes BackRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Snow MissionPaul McIntosh
Sorcerer ScurvyMartin Odoni (HStorm), Jen Kollic (Elita)
So You've Returned...Ricky Temple (Skarkill)
Take Your PickDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
The Adventurer's AdventureGary Day (#37 Herbie)
Theatre Of DreamsMartin Odoni (HStorm)
The Battle Of TwinnEmily Evans (Emii)
The Best Laid Plans...Gareth Weaving (Ark)
The Bravest QuestJonathan Lee
The ChrysalisMartin Odoni (HStorm)
The ClearingAndrew Buckley
The Colour Of AmberRicky Temple (Skarkill), Andy Marshall (Dark Comet)
The Crossed PathsDavid Ishida
The Crystal MazeDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
The Cure For DisruptionDrassil
The Dark PortalJake Collins (Eyeshield)
The Dragon QueenCatherine Jackson
The Dragon Queen ReturnsCatherine Jackson
The Dragon Queen's Last StandCatherine Jackson
The Elemental FiveJake Collins (Eyeshield)
The Endless QuestDrassil
The Fastest Draw In The DungeonRicky Temple (Skarkill)
The Final BattlePaul Hawkins
The Final FrontierLouise Foxe
The Forbidden FearChris Lunn
The Groundhog EffectJake Collins (Eyeshield)
The Heart Of A DragonJake Collins (Eyeshield)
The Ice Dragon's EggJake Collins (Eyeshield)
The Jester's ChildVelvet D'Coolette (Velvet)
The Lord Of DreamsJake Collins (Eyeshield)
The Lord Of TricksRicky Temple (Skarkill)
The March Of ProgressCanadanne
The Path OpensLaurie Marks (Thanatos)
The Powers That Be Call Upon YouR41d3n, Drake nailo, Nuketrap, Rubix41
The Re-AdmissionBen Maydon (Pooka)
There Is No Turning BackEsperata
These Questions ThreeJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
The Soul SearchAmy Davies (shadow6162)
The Strangeness Of The WallsIan Down
The SwordTony Nelhams
The Taking Of MotleyRicky Temple (Skarkill)
The Three Of HeartsDrassil
The Tower Of TimeRosey Collins
The Truth Of The DungeonAndrew Buckley
The UnwelcomeStephen Reid
The Valley Of DreamingAndrew Buckley
The Void Of CreativityAndrew Buckley, Lucy Scarisbrick-Wright (Sidriss Starshine)
The Warmth Of WinterRoz Pearson (Gretel)
The Wickedest Show In The RealmRicky Temple (Skarkill)
To The RescueJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
Trade In The Old For The NewRicky Temple (Skarkill)
Turning BackDrassil
Welcome To My KnightmareJohn Elliott (johnamendall)
What's In A Name?Martin Odoni (HStorm)
WipeoutDaniel Smith (Dan the Spellcaster), Liam Davis (Natter45)
Young And OldDrassil