French flag Wednesday 12th September 2018
Paris, France

AccorHotels Arena

MacPhisto: "Ohh... ohhh..."

MacPhisto: [sings] "Even the greatest stars... discover themself in the looking glass..." [approaches iPad on a stand; sees a devilish face superimposed over his own image] "Even the greatest stars..."

Crowd: [whoops and whistles]

MacPhisto: "Bonjour, Paris!  Je suis Monsieur MacPhisto à votre service." [bows]

Crowd: [cheers and applause]

MacPhisto: "So... what has my favourite little cabbage, Bo-no, been up to here in beautiful gay Paris?  My little... chou – shoo!"

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: "The Eiffel Tower?  Oh, no. The Mona Lisa?  No. The pompous little prick went to the Élysée Palace to see the... second most important man in France – Monsieur le Président."

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: "And they had... a little tête-à-tête. Europe – blah, blah. Africa – blah, blah. Neighbours – blah, blah. 'Love thy neighbour'!  I can't stand it – makes me want to fucking retch. 'Love thy neighbour'?" [evil laugh]

Crowd: [laughter, whoops and whistles]

MacPhisto: "Like... like it's a command, and not some optional advice?  Well, let me set you right, Bo-no. We may be neighbours, but we're not going to share our garden. It's quiet, and tidy, and that is the way we like it. Wave across the wall, Africa!" [chuckles] "'Cos when you don't believe – mm! – I exist... that's when I do... my best work."

[Acrobat begins]

MacPhisto: "Don't believe what you hear. Don't believe what you see. If you just close your eyes... you can FEEL THE ENEMY!  Haaa!"

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