Irish flag Tuesday 6th November 2018
Dublin, Ireland


MacPhisto: [sings] "Even the greatest stars... discover themself... in the looking glass..." [approaches iPad on a stand; sees a devilish face superimposed over his own image]

Crowd: [laughter, cheers and whistles]

MacPhisto: [sniggers] "D'you know, we're that close?" [holds up crossed fingers] "Me and The Donald. THAT close!"

Crowd: [laughter, whoops and boos]

MacPhisto: "Big Mac, I call him. ...McDonald's, get it?"

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: "But actually... ah... now that I think about it, he's more... the Burger King."

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: "Gold seat and all. Plus... he's got America in a pickle, hasn't he!" [wicked laugh]

Crowd: [whoops and whistles]

MacPhisto: "And tonight, ladies and gentlemen... the Big Mac has a special on offer for the American people. For one day only – Election Day."

Crowd: [cheers and applause]

MacPhisto: "The Deluxe 'Make America Hate Again' Special!  Yes!"

Crowd: [laughter, whoops and applause]

MacPhisto: "And you know what?  You know what?  They're lapping it up. He's mashed up the American Dream, smothered it in his white supreme sauce, with a taste of... bigotry, some green shoots of... racism..." [chuckles] "No tacos. Hold the tacos."

Crowd: [laughter and applause]

MacPhisto: [sings in high voice] "Do-do-do-do-do!"

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: "I'm loving it!"

Crowd: [laughter and applause]

MacPhisto: "And remember, Dublin... it's when you don't believe I exist – that's when I do... my best work."

[Acrobat begins]

MacPhisto: "Don't believe what you hear. Don't believe what you see. If you just close your eyes... you can FEEL THE ENEMYYY!  Haa!"

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